Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention Deficit Disorder In Pasadena, CA

While attention deficit disorder (ADD) has certainly gotten a lot of acknowledgment over the last decade or so, it’s also lead more and more parents to believe that their child’s occasional outbursts, hyperactivity or defiance could be due to ADD, when it actuality this isn’t always the case.

Children with this neurobehavioral disorder are unable to focus their attention on any one task. Their brain is constantly telling them to do multiple things at once, which leads to this inability to concentrate. Because of this, this inability to pay attention often results in disruptive and impulsive behaviors.

Some of the first signs that a child has ADD will be the inability to follow directions, often forgetting or misplacing homework and other items, the inability to sit still (children with ADD are often fidgety), and difficulty listening or focusing on conversations. Children with ADD won’t just display these behaviors in certain circumstances but in all circumstances. Regardless of whether they are at school, at home or with the babysitter, these same behavioral issues will persist in all facets of your child’s life.

Fortunately, our pediatricians are trained to be able to detect these common symptoms and warning signs of ADD in children. By evaluating other factors such as possible learning disabilities or developmental disorders that could also cause similar symptoms we will be able to determine if your child is truly dealing with ADD.

Diagnosed With ADD

If your child has been diagnosed with ADD by a pediatrician, it’s important to know that their behavioral symptoms can be managed with medications. While there is no cure, we can help create an individualized treatment plan that will lessen their symptoms and improve their home and school life.

Children are often prescribed a stimulant like Ritalin, which will help increase focus and attention while slowing down impulsivity. Of course, ADD isn’t just treated with medication alone. Your child will also benefit from certain behavioral therapies, which will help to alter and improve their behaviors and how they function in everyday settings.

If you think your child is displaying symptoms of ADD then it’s time to schedule an evaluation with A to Z Pediatrics today by calling our Pasadena, CA, office at (626) 389-2869.

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