EMLA Cream


EMLA Cream is a topical anesthetic (a cream that numbs the skin and decreases the sensation of pain)

Reasons for Use:

to lessen the discomfort from medical procedures (i.e. vaccines, medical injections, blood draws)

How to Use:

  • EMLA cream must be applied 2 hours before the procedure to the area that the doctor plans to treat
  • Before applying EMLA Cream, wash the skin in the area that the doctor plans to treat with warm soapy water and a washcloth. Rub the skin gently for a few minutes with a wash cloth to remove all dirt and oil from the skin
  • The cream should be applied in a very thick layer (about ¼ inch thick)to the site of the procedure. You also need to apply the cream to skin ½ inch past the area to be treated (see chart below)
  • Cover the area with tegaderm, being careful not to press on the cream (so that it remains in a thick layer)
  • Secure the edges of the tegaderm with medical tape to avoid leakage
  • Treatment Results: The skin will remain numb for at least one hour after removal of saran wrap

*Please see the chart below for EMLA placement if your child is following our typical vaccine schedule*

Where to Put the EMLA When:

  • 2 weeks—none
  • 6 weeks—both thighs
  • 3 months—both thighs
  • 4 months—both thighs
  • 5 months—both thighs
  • 6 ½ months—both thighs
  • 9 months—both thighs
  • 12 months—thigh and fatty part behind the arm
  • 15 months—thigh and fatty part behind the arm
  • 18 months—lateral shoulder and fatty part behind the arm
  • 2 years—lateral shoulder
  • 3 years—lateral shoulder
  • 4 years—lateral should and fatty part behind the arm
  • 5 years—fatty part behind the arm
  • 6 -10 years—none
  • 11-18 years—lateral shoulder

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